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More information means more control out on the water. It’s as simple as that. Have access to real-time stats on fuel levels, trip distance, water surface temperature and more when properly equipped with Genuine Yamaha Gauges. We offer several styles to suit your preference—from the mighty Command Link Plus® LCD display to the more traditional analog gauge. No matter which you choose, you’ll have all the information you need, right at your fingertips. 

COMMAND LINK PLUS® Digital Electronic Control System

Key Switch Panel. Energize the ignition systems of up to three outboards with just one key.

LCD Display. Monitor multiple outboards and fuel tanks on one five-inch, color LCD screen.

Digital Electronic Control. Precisely control up to three compatible Yamaha outboards with one two-handle control.

Start/Stop Panels.  Start and stop your outboards with the touch of a button. Successively start and simultaneously stop multiple outboards using a single “All Start” button.


Command Link Plus is optional on the F350, 4.2L V6 Offshore and F200/LF200 models, and can also work in specific applications on early Yamaha V8 and F250B models. See Yamaha rigging information for details and requirements.


Command Link Plus® LCD Display

Featuring a five-inch, full-color, high-resolution LCD display, Command Link Plus® allows you to monitor the performance of up to three outboards and critical boat systems, all on one screen.

Single Engine Combo Screen
A customizable screen displays critical systems data, including: shift position, engine RPM, boat speed, engine trim level, available fuel in gallons, fuel level (up to 4 tanks), fuel flow, fuel economy, and up to three vital engine functions of your preference (e.g. oil pressure, water pressure and battery voltage).

Twin Engine Combo Screen
Displays data for both engines simultaneously on one screen. In a twin-outboard configuration, fuel flow and fuel economy numbers are totaled, and only two vital engine functions of choice can be displayed (e.g. water temperature and water pressure) for each outboard. Quad outboards require two LCD gauges.

Triple Engine Combo Screen
Displays data for three engines simultaneously on one screen. In a triple-engine configuration, fuel flow and fuel economy numbers are totaled, and only one vital engine function of choice can be displayed (e.g. oil pressure) for each outboard.

Menu Screen
Completely customizable, set the screen appearance, logs, depth, alarms, clock, units of measure and more. 

Boat Screen
A quick change of screens shows you available fuel, fuel level (up to 4 tanks), total fuel flow, fuel economy and gallons used at a glance.  It also displays trip distance, water depth and water temperature at the surface (may require additional equipment).

Appearance Options
Choose between a digital or "analog" look, and select from a variety of text and background colors for maximum readability.

Tank Screen
Boats can have multiple tanks for fuel, fresh water and waste—even generator fuel. Easily monitor levels of up to four tanks (if they each have a fluid-level sending unit). Levels are clearly displayed with bar graphs and a percentage-of-full indication. Label each tank for quick reference using the Menu screen.

Night Screen
Choose from five levels of backlight for maximum visibility. After dark, switch to "night" mode for background and display colors legible in low light. If using more than one LCD screen, screens can be synced to apply visibility adjustments across the board.

Command Link Plus® Owner's Manual

Command Link® Digital

6YC Information Station

Yamaha’s new 6YC gauge provides customized, accurate reports about the boat, vital engine systems and operating conditions, in a narrower display that saves valuable dash space.

  • Command Link®and Command Link Plus®compatible
  • Comprehensive system information for up to two outboards
  • Track engine RPM, fuel levels, fuel burn, fuel economy, engine water pressure, surface water temperature and more, all in one customizable gauge
  • Its streamlined design is narrower than the Command Link Plus®LCD Gauge and replaces up to three Command Link®square gauges, saving dash space

Command Link® digital gauges provide accurate, real-time stats on boat systems and operating conditions. Easy to read and designed to withstand the elements, Command Link® digital gauges allow you to monitor everything from engine function and fuel management to trim levels and battery voltage.

Square Gauges Speedometer/Fuel Gauge | Tachometer

Round Gauges Speedometer/Fuel Gauge | Tachometer

  • Round Gauges are Command Link Plus®compatible
  • Streamlined rigging for single-engine applications from F30 – F350
  • Speed/Fuel Gauge displays up to two tanks
  • Tachometer displays Y-COP®Anti-Theft icon when system is engaged

Command Link® Round Gauges Owner's Manual

Command Link® Square Gauges Owner's Manual

Pro Series II Analog or Digital Multifunction Gauges

The fog- and corrosion resistant, illuminated gauges provide access to a range of real-time data on vital systems functions and operating conditions.

Pro Series II Analog Gauges are available with black or white faceplate and feature direct faceplate illumination for nighttime visibility.

Pro Series II Analog Tachometerfeatures built-in oil and temperature warning lights.

Digital Multifunction Tachometer displays engine RPM, trim angle, oil level (two stroke), oil pressure (four stroke), overheat warning, trip hours (resettable) and total operating hours.

Digital Multifunction Speedometerdisplays speed, trip distance, time, fuel level, low-fuel warning and battery voltage/warning.


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